Day to day research has shown that the lack of electronics knowledge continues to degrade SAM/DSAM. It is now more important than ever to understand and recognize new business potential maximizing your SAM/DSAM and enhance Gross Profit.


The common phrase “Can I see the BOMs so we can save you money” echoes the industry, but will no longer suffice. In order to win market share and increase GP’s, today’s electronic sales and marketing professionals must effectively identify and communicate new business opportunities.

In order to profitably grow your business at a rate that beats the market, your sales force needs to be technically capable. It has become vital that your organization not only serve your customers, but truly service and bring value to them.


SEA can train your sales organization so that they feel confident when talking with engineers and technical buyers.  We will help them understand why engineers need “things” and how to identify what the DSAM really is.  The days of donut delivery are over.

"You don't have 25 years of experience. You have one month repeated 300 times without even determining the effectiveness of the strategy"

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