Sales Engineers of America was started in 2004 to satisfy a growing demand for technically trained sales personnel. In today’s competitive environment, the industry demands that your sales force be technically trained. It has been SEA’s experience that 95% of outside sales people today do not have the basic electronic understanding required to service customer requirements. 

To solve this growing problem, Sales Engineers of America has developed a series of technical training courses that offer electronic industry professionals the opportunity to better understand their customers’ needs. SEA’s basic electronics program was developed to enhance the technical capability of its students with 40 hours of formal classroom training. After completing the SEA-100 course, an entry level or current salesperson will have a knowledge and understanding of basic electronics.

Offering a basic electronics course followed by series of courses from “An Industrial Engineering Approach to Selling” to intermediate and advanced electronics equips our customers with the ability to serve their customers with the technical knowledge they demand, and the opportunity to grow market share.

"You don't have 25 years of experience. You have one month repeated 300 times without even determining the effectiveness of the strategy"

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