"You don't have 25 years of experience. You have one month repeated 300 times without even determining the effectiveness of the strategy."

Prepare your sales personnel to work effectively with customers...

Why SEA?

A trained sales force understands your customers' needs.

The instruction and experience provided by SEA training seminars will produce more effective communication between your sales team and your customers.

What can you expect from your SEA trained sales force?

Bottom line: Increased sales, market share and higher gross margins for your company.

SEA training seminars provide the tools and training to make your sales people more in tune with customers needs and more responsive to their inquiries. If you cannot communicate with your clients, you can neither understand their requests nor satisfy their requirements.

Course Benefits:

This course has been designed strictly for non-EE's combining easy to follow instructions with real educational labs using hands-on training. While this course is not designed to make technicians out of your group, it does, however, give your group a much better working knowledge of the materials and components which they sell.

Going forward, your group will better understand the customers needs and be able to actively participate in satisfying these.

After training, your sales force will:

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